How To Do Keywords Research- The Jaaxy Way

It is important to learn how to do keywords research. Why? Because, keyword research helps you to figure out, what people are searching for online. Not all people do keyword researches the same way. Regardless, of whether they are using a particular tool, or searching a different type of keyword or whatever. There are just so many variables when it comes to keyword research. Certainly, there is no “one” right way.

Terms To Know:

For the sake of beginners, here is a short list of terms that will relate to the topic at hand…

Optimization– The process of making better or more effective; Increasing relevancy, worth and value… Use of several techniques to do so.

SEO- The process of getting traffic/people to view content or website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Keywords – Are usually one of two words that describes content. They should be the very word(s) that people are using in their searches to find what you have to offer. You may hear this referred to as “head, focus words, or short tail keywords.

Keyword Research – The process of finding words/phrases people most commonly uses in the search engines to find specific items of interest.

Long tail Keywords- They are usually anywhere from three words of more, rather a phrase that gives or describes specific details… Unlike the short tail keywords. Long tail keywords are preferred because it helps your content to show up in a higher position on the search engines; Regardless, of the high competition in your industry.

Niche- Is a specific group of people or things. For instance, if you were a life coach, instead of coaching any or everyone; You may instead, decide to coach only women. Or only men… And the more specific the better. Let’s say. you only coach men over 40 in a certain in a certain income bracket. You see, the more specfic you weare, when it comes to niching the better


Concerning keywords… Relevancy in the technical sense, simply means, making sure keywords match the primary niches’ intent. Are the keywords relevant to your niche? There are generated keywords that may look appealing, but do not make any “human sense” due to the way it’s worded…

Rule To Follow: If the keywords available makes “no sense/ no human sense” if your were to insert it in a structured sentence; Then it’s recommended not to use them.

Quick Exercise

For instance, what if you’re in the health and fitness industry… And you are searching for great keywords to boost your content so readers can easily find it. You might start with a keyword tool, that helps you find good searchable keywords.

Now imagine, you ‘ve found 5 “longtail” keywords to use… But a few of the phrases/longtail keywords makes no “human sense” because you couldn’t even interject it into a real sentence. “Always remember to use keywords that makes sense”

Here Is An Exercise:

Ok, now go ahead and choose the longtail keywords that does not make sense.

Hint. There are exactly 3 keyword phrases that do not make what’s called “human sense”… Take a peek at the keyword choices below… And now you decide…

Here Are The Choices:

Niche: Health/Fitness

1. Longtail Keyword: workout routines for men over 40

2. Longtail Keyword: workout routine men

3. Longtail Keyword: workout routines for men over 50

4. Longtail Keyword: best workout routine men

5. Longtail Keyword: workout routine for

So how did you do? If you decided that numbers 2,4 and 5 makes no sense and would not be normally used in a normal sentence, then… Great job. You are right!

I hope this exercise, rather example helps you to understand how important it is when choosing keywords to make sure they make sense, no matter what.

A Tip…

In order to gain the best keywords for your content, don’t struggle to think of them yourself (especially if you haven’t a clue whether the keyword(s) are worth using)… It will leverage lots of your time and future success, to find an effective “keyword tool or generator” that populates the keywords and ensures you the best results.

Why you shouldn’t fully depend on your “own” keyword selections…

Whether you are new to this or not… If you don’t have the full knowledge of knowing what dictates the top effective keywords; It will definitely interfere with your success rate.

So, What Should You Know To Compete?

In order to compete with competitors, you will need a detail break down of what’s really going on behind the scenes.  For example… How many websites are competing with you for your chosen keyword(s)?

What is the average number of searches your keyword(s) receive every month?

How many visits to your website/content will you receive from your keyword(s) if you were to get first page ranking on a Google search engine?  (But this is unlikely to happen as timely, without an effective tool/generator to assist you) unless you are a keyword genius.

Is the quality of your keyword… Great,  Ok, or Poor?  In other words, is the keyword ever worth using?

Trust and believe, by knowing all of this information concerning your keyword selection; Will make a difference of whether you will become successful at keyword targeting or not.

The Ultimate Goal

When it comes to keywords the ultimate goal should be to have your content populated for instance, on the first page of a goggle search… At-least within the first three pages. I’m not sure the typical population of people even bother to look past the first couple of pages. Let’s say they do, you will still fair better on the top  page, just my thought.

Ok… Let’s Dig Deeper When It Comes To Competition and Traffic; Below I Will Give More Details/Definition…. Introduce you to the another way.

Competition and Traffic

Competition- Is who you are competing against within the search engines results. Also, known as SERP competition…which stands for Search Engine Results Page… Or (QSR) quoted search results which helps you find your volume of competition, concerning the websites you are competing against.

In relations to keywords, it is important to know about your competition. By doing so, it gives you an idea of what you need to do to rank with or even above them. It will give you great insight of determining what you’re really working with, Just think, you don’t want to guess work it, only to see your competitors gaining the lead way. It is important for you to gain success traction as well. As stated earlier, this is most effective on a keyword/research platform.

Traffic- The amount of people visiting your content or site by way of the search engines. Once you’re able to gauge your competition, you will have a better plan of action. There are several ways to draw traffic. But in this chat, the focus is on keyword optimization, because when the best keywords are chosen to boost your content; In turn, that same powerful boost will have traffic (people) searching to find your content.

What Is Jaaxy?

In a nutshell, Jaaxy is one of the most effective online keyword finder tool.  It leverages your time and reduces your keyword research efforts.  It generates actionable and useful data per searches.

The Jaaxy Way

As previously mentioned, there are several ways to research keywords, but some of your greatest results will be revealed by way of the awesome research tools out there. Unfortunately, not all tools are created the same. I would recommend beginners and seasoned researchers to try it the JAAXY way to get optimal, rather successful results. With that said, in order to learn more, you can explore and test drive free searches that really works. Hey it’s on the house… Enjoy.

Try It.

The Jaaxy Way

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