This message is all about how to become the hunted; Or The HunteD-vs The HunteR

If you are a entrepreneur, marketer,  business owner or thinking of becoming an owner; Then, there are somethings you absolute must learn to conquer.  Regardless, of what type of business you have or will have; whether it’s a brick/mortar, offline or internet based business; You will rather become the hunted than the hunter. You will have to master a plan that efficiently shows your business to tons of the right people who want/need what it is that you have.

The Hunter


Who Wants To Go Hunting ???

Let’s describe the hunter a bit…A hunter is the one that looks viciously for the people to check out the business. They may have to invest lots of time and energy in finding the right people who may be interested in their offers. Or worse yet, they may lurk and find a mass of people including the ones who may or may not have the slightest interest in what they have to offer. Let’s just face it being a hunter actually sucks over time and may even discourage one to totally give up. In most cases, being the hunter causes one to work extremely hard not smart. Also, due to poor responses, it may lower one’s business esteem and posture.

Will The Hunter Catch It’s Game

As you may know, an actual hunter goes hunting for it’s desired prey or game.  Now, let’s compare this to our marketing practices. In case you are a complete newbie, marketing is generally promoting your business products/services; The one who does this is referred as a marketer. So let’s just say the marketer (hunter) put him/herself in a position to actually have to find their prospects or hunt them down in hopes of  connecting and having them take a peek at the offers.

Don’t mean to twist things here, don’t get me wrong, as searching and finding as a hunter would do, may work at times.  But here’s the deal,  being the hunter may at times, hook your prospects or potential customers but it also tends to send you on the longest and hardest path, my thoughts. Well, let me speak for myself, as it sure did me in the past. My thing is, why work hard when there are actually wiser ways of working this a bit smarter.

The HunteD

Whoohoo! Does Being The Hunted; Sound Like A Workable Plan?

Well, it sure does to me! After years of working this thing the hard way, I discovered after investing in learning to do things the right way,  there’s really a great way to make this all happen.  Actually within, 4 simple but persistent and major steps this very process has been proven successful time after time.  Still wondering how this can be done, then I highly recommend you accept an invitation to see what I mean for yourself…Click=>>Bev. Show Me Now

The Hunted

When you are the hunted, your whole strategy automatically changes for the better. You are then sought after by many people who want what you have to offer. They will desperately hunt you down on this world wide web to fill their needs. There are great people out there, yes, looking for great things.  They are searching for truth, trust and value; They want to feel secure and happy about their freedom to make tailored/ right choices that will greatly benefit them, point blank.  It’s all about them and their satisfaction and contentment.


Hope this has given you a tidbit of insight and allowed you a chance to explore options available when it comes to learning how to become the hunted instead of the hunter, when it comes to business. If you feel this message was of any type value, would you be so kind as to drop a comment,  suggestion or question and take care for now.

Note: If you already have a website, that’s great but you are doing yourself a dis-service if you do not know how to have it rated to get all the “eyeballs” it will need.  Also, if you are promoting a product/service or considering promotion but do NoT have a website, or knowledge to make it an online success…Then I’d like to take a brief minute to recommend you take a peek and see how knowledge becomes the power needed to accelerate your success:

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All The Best To Your Success 🙂


2 thoughts on “How To Become The Hunted In Your Business

  1. Hi Bev.
    What a great analogy to use to describe the big marketing picture. I for one would like to be the hunted rather than the hunter, now that you have put it so clearly into perspective. I can see how easily people could slip into being the hunter when they don’t have the right tools to use. If I had a way that could allow me to become the hunted, I would certainly be using it too. Thanks for giving people another option.

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