So, Concerning Your Website, Just How Important Is SEO?

Assuming you already have a website in place to promote whatever it is that you are promoting.  Whether it is a business, brand,hobby or interest, if you have built a website purposely to get your stuff seen by others; Let’s just say your targeted audience, then one of your major goals will be to have this website up and going working 24/7 for you. Why? It’s all about working smart and leveraging so that you are able to spend more time growing in other areas of your interest or business. This is where Search Engine Optimization may become worth the mastering.  Some pay an arm and leg to skip this process.  However, rest assured the power of savings is in the knowledge that’s converted into actionable steps.

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First, let’s touch basis on some of the reasons why people may not yet have their website positioned for the tons of eyeballs. It could be because the website is not optimized for best results. Maybe, there’s content improvement needed or more feedback that’s a really big thing that helps website ratings.  Here’s a question that comes to mind: Are you familiar with SEO or the importance of it? I assume you are but just in-case we have newbies on the scene here, allow me to break things down a bit. I remember when I was a newbie, breaking down terminology was always like sweet music in my ears (lol).

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What Is SEO? Break It On Down

Okay, SEO which is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization.  Search engine optimization is just a technique used to increase the amount of visitors to a website in which it determines high ranking or placement in the search results page of a search engine.    Some of the popular search engines you may already know about, like Yahoo, Google, Bing and there are many others out there, you may not be aware of.

You see, most internet users do not take the time nor effort to click on the tons and tons of web page results on those search engines. However,  due to this very fact is what makes it so important to use proper techniques to have your website placed higher up on the first page rankings. This will obviously direct more traffic (eyeballs) to your website and possible conversions which is the general idea.


What Is PPC?

Now some people may not know how to do what it takes to have their sites ranked correctly.  Also, some may choose to leverage their time and effort instead,  so they may decide to go with the PPC  and other paid methods.  PPC is something like buying visitors to your website. To better get this, let’s define PPC which is an abbreviation for Pay Per Click.

Pay Per Click (PCC) is a strategy of internet marketing where the advertisers agree to pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. A unique way of buying visits to their websites instead of getting organic (unpaid) visitors. Now search engine advertising is one of the most heard of methods concerning PPC.  This method allows advertisers to bid for ad placements (sponsored links) whenever someone searches on a keyword that’s associated with their offers.


*Optimization- An Alternative of highest performance; Processing the highest or greatest results…as simple and best I can define this one.  But tell me, who doesn’t want this for their website? It may take some time but over time…By following the proper steps to do this, you will be up, rolling and smiling big 🙂

*Key Words- is a word or phrase that can be used in designated search boxes, to help internet seekers find certain content on the internet.  Keywords play a big role, in drawing people who are interested in your content on the internet.  So, when you are able to find the heavily searched keywords/phrases, content is pushed higher up on the search engines for viewing.   Also, keywords are like your automatic marketing soldiers that may work continuous for you.

Moving Forward 

So now we’ve got these definitions behind us, let’s move forward and while doing so, begin to give some serious thought on the fore-mentioned terms and how they can serve purpose when it comes to increasing the ratings and views on your website or content.

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