Briefly, What It Is: How Can WA Benefit? 

If you have been faithfully following these blogs posts, then by now you may already know that WA is commonly an abbreviation for Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is generally a internet marketing training center or platform, purposed for all levels of business, entrepreneurs and marketers. It helps those from all levels or walks of life, from a business newbie without a trace of experience all the way to the most  experience, skilled and successful.

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It is a place where dedicated people decide to take their intentions to the next level by investing in learning/training or education.  Most choose WA, as their educational choice due to the extreme value and convenience. Instead of physically traveling daily to a university to learn how to successfully manage a business of interest, it is possible to do it all online.

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Another, great advantage lots of people enjoy, is the chance to powerfully hone, build and promote their very own interests, brands, skills, hobbies or even business while learning. Some actually, never miss a beat, when it comes to the profit mode. The education helps one to learn to become a professional in whatever the trade is.  Also, it teaches people to do things the right way when it comes to internet profits, as already known and done by internet experts.

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What About The Classes; Instructors?

One thing, I enjoy most about their classes is that, the instructor Kyle, uses his knowledge and great skills to deliver each class in a bite size “nuggets”…That is, he gives a reasonably short amount of reading material at a time. It’s like he’s taken people’s busy schedule in life into consideration.

He then, make sure his students understand by introducing a “hands on” type video to cover what’s read. Also, there are some that learn better by seeing things, so this really works well. Then just to make sure, you’ve understood it all, he gives a very brief exercise that incorporates with building your business, hobby or interest and positioning it all for long term success.

Kyle, is a great instructor with an easy going, smooth, lovable voice that’s easy and enjoyable to follow. He makes it so simple that even a kid could comprehend the instructions. I only wonder, how someone can make really technical stuff simple? Well, I guess that’s a gift that falls in the “skill” category, LoL.

What About Ongoing Support?



Yes, there is ongoing support. Most members enjoy the benefits of having their concerns and questions answered in “real time” by other success leaders in the business industry. You are able to smooth out any kinks, problems or concerns pertaining to business, backed by really great advice and help. You are able to communicate and chat with the CEO’s of this online university as well. They are just a couple of really smart but “down to earth” guys who love to give support.

No one is too big or too little in this community. It’s all about caring, sharing and supporting the success of each other. Personally, I’ve never seen nothing like this community. It used to suck, that my family and friends did not believe in my vision or dream, but in this community…


I now have all the support I need, a genuine business family that really cares. I am definitely not alone. Even, if I need “extra” help with a course or lecture; They have suggestions and answers for whatever the concern…”they got me” (lol)…Awesome, works for me 🙂

With this one, setting up a fun, interesting profile with a bit of general info. gets you up and going {How To Get Started}… Hey, there’s lot more to tell you, but hope this gives you an idea of what’s it about.

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