The last bachelor’s graduation I attended, I so clearly recall the guest speaker of the evening closing remarks.  It must have been the most meaningful speech ever,  for the grads who would not be returning to further their degrees.  As the speaker charged onward, he told the graduates, they should at least, be proud of their abilities to have defeated the hardships and challenges that resulted in such a glorious day of graduation and cheers. However, he must have felt it his duty to warn the non-returning grads of their possible fate as they attempted to join the workforce as we know it today.
He then announced a popular prediction based on statistics,  that the majority of students not returning to college, would suffer in the job market.  That many would have to fend by getting jobs outside of their field of studies, just to secure some form of employment that will pay the bills.  Or sadly enough, many would end up jobless. Or possibly working at Fast Food Chains (McDonald, Burger King), factories, minimum wages or low paying jobs.
On the flip side, he announced that a very small percentage of students would actually proceed in their fields of interest and make a decent salary. I think it’s the part of the statistics that predicted what happens to the majority of students, that stood out the most! He finally urged all of the students to return back to college to seek higher degrees, due to the economy and stiffness of the competition.  In reality, for some students, that might have come across as “easier said; then done”, education is not delivered in a totally free package for everybody.
Considering the agony of college debts by the time the education is complete…How much to be exact, will be owed back to the Sallie Mae/Navient Institute?  Will some possibly be paying off student loans, when they should be securing a future, family, leisure, retirement and more?  Will many students end up slaves to their jobs and the Sallie Mae/Navient Institute?  Is that fair?  Or is there a better way out?
I actually heard a buddy say, that she totally gave up paying her student loans due to the mountain of student debts. Also, she kind of boasted about her plan to simply “continue taking college courses continuously” until the day of her expiration (death)…Whoa, that’s deep. Mind you, she seriously did her research and stays up on the “hottest” trends and selects a booming field of studies.  Her knowledge and skills are endless it seems.
She’s made her education work for her and she has the most amazing career, in which she’s bringing home big bread…But there’s just this one little thing…Sadly, the Sallie Mae/Navient Institute will forever be her ghost. I can’t help but wonder will she ever get “sick and tired” of being sick and tired of college courses for the rest of life?
At this point, I’m wondering, what happened to the guarantee clause. I can remember, back in the day when nearly, every graduating high school student was encouraged to attend a four- year college, if nothing else.  We were taught to believe with our hearts and souls in the good ole American system.  Also, the promises that came with it, of finding a great job and being able to settle down and enjoy the dream family was a cherished goal to shoot for.
We were taught to think and believe in what’s become a “failing system”today.  We were taught to think the way the system wants us to think.  Little do I remember, being taught anything about entrepreneurship and creative thinking controlled by each individual rather than the robotic way of a system. The “fallen” economy has forced the typical educational system to introduce innovation and changes.
But it’s more like “too little…too late”…As I certainly don’t see a huge decrease in financial burdens and costs. Which leads to the mentioning of… Educational (ROI) or Return On Investments. Your return had better find you standing in an upright position; Rather than an “upside down” or the investment could turn out heartbreaking, when it comes to actually getting ahead.  A mountain of debt, is no way to start a success journey.
It may help to consider other sources of education and training that will not break the bank.  So is college really a guarantee for success? What are your thoughts on this subject?   What do you suggest?


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