Herbalife Review- The Business Side

If you have landed here, to read this herbalife review, it’s clear you may want to learn more about the business side of things. Here I will highlight some important factors, associated with this company. Hopefully, by the end you will be more informed and better positioned to make independent choices. If not, maybe you’ll simply learn something new. So let’s get started:


Herbalife Review


Name Of Company: Herbalife

Website: herbalife.com

Type: Direct Sells/ Multi Level Marketing/Network Marketing

Founder: Mark Hughes (founded in 1980)

Products: Weight management, nutrition supplements, sports nutrition, and personal care

Price: Start Up- $65.50/ 4,000.00 Supervisory Level

Overall Ranks: 3 out of 100 (DSN)

History Of The Business

Herbalife was originally visioned and founded by its first member, Mark Hughes … His mission to fill a needed void in the market, stemmed from the loss of his mother, Joanne.

His mother struggled with an eating disorder and issues with weight loss. This helped fuel Mark’s passion to start selling weight management products from his car. That was the starting point and his venture grew into a success giant.

He set out to change nutritional habits around the world. His first product was a protein weight management shake. The idea was to help people to lose weight sensibly and safely.


Business Overview

The company’s model is that of direct selling and multi level marketing. Which sells, markets and develop various nutritional products. This company is estimated to have employed globally over 8,000 people. I

Operating in, at-least 94 countries with a network approximation of 3.2 million independent distributors. It’s incorporated in Cayman Islands, with its corporate headquarters stationed in Los Angeles, California.

Their shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange; In 2017 netting in sales of approx. $4.4 billion. To learn more they encourage interested parties to visit their investor relations website. (IAmHerbalife.com) …

Inc. recognized the company in 1985, as the fastest growing private company in the U.S… With a sales boom from $423 million previously over a five-year span. The company has had its ups and downs as with any huge organization; Their most recent name change occurred on April 24, 2018.

The most recent name was changed from Herbalife Ltd. to its new name “Herbalife Nutrition Ltd” per approval of shareholders at its annual general meeting. Claim states, the different name changes only represents the depth of investments the company has made to become a leader in the nutrition industry. (Business Wire)

The Products

They offer a wide selection of nutritional products. More than 150 herb and botanical, infused weight management, diet products and more are distributed by over one million independent distributors globally. The company’s flagship product is the formula 1, soy based meal replacement protein shake. This shake has set it off, since 1980s as one of their top sales items.

In addition to this one, they also sell sports hydration, protein bars, vitamins, aloes, energy and personal care products. They have a vegetarian, allergen free, kosher, digestive, heart health, and a cosmetic line, to appeal to specific audiences interested in what’s offered.

Seed To Feed

Their are five manufacturing sites in the U.S. and China, in addition to their circulating third party manufacturing partners. Since 2010, their productions fell in sync with their “seed to feed” strategy, which attempts to educate about the science of their products.

The seed to feed, details their farming process, ingredients, processes, and more. It also trains rather educate their associates to better understand the concept, nutritional value and effectiveness of each product sold. In attempts to loyally serve people interested in the products.

The Business Side: Opportunity To Link With This Business

People usually connect with herbalife business opportunity by becoming a distributor. You are encouraged to sign up through another distributor if possible. Preferably, once you have already established some form of contact or relationship with a distributor, when inquiring about the business.

Activities Involved:

1. You can become a customer yourself (and receive the discounted price each month)

2. Become a distributor: Building a network of customers (people who will repeatedly buy the products)

3. By building a network of distributors (a team that will duplicate the business process)

Note: You may benefit more by doing everything listed above; The more you do, the greater the earning potential, the choice is yours.



When you become a herbalife distributor you have access to their discounts, which may increase depending on your sales success. The initial discount is set at 25% but the potential goes all the way up to 50% per your diligent and hard work.


7 Ways To Make Money


1. Commissions- When you recruit someone to do business; You get paid a certain percentage.

2. Direct Sales- When you sell directly; You get paid a percentage or cut.

3. Royalties- Those who’ve reached the supervisor’s position or have recruited supervisors may qualify for this.

4. Production Bonuses- If a distributor has 50 levels of distributors below them, they can make money all the way down on each level.

5. Annual Bonuses- Rewarded incentives per work requirement…

6. Special Promotions- Within a given time when herbalife runs challenging goals to reach incentives.

7. Vacations- When herbalife run promotions that encourages distributors to qualify by reaching a designated sales goal.


The Pros

The company has been around for a while and established a strong brand.

Their business models is designed to help people strive for an income, by promoting products aimed to make people healthy.

Their is potential for those who have developed the right skill-sets with this profession to reach goals and become successful.

You can create your own hours, to work at a pace that works best for you.

The Cons

It is not guaranteed that you will make money. It will depend on the actual products sold and people you can recruit to do the same. To make a more desirable income you must work your way up toward the top ranking status.

You may find the model challenging to convince to some… Due to the pyramidal structure or model of the business. Not everyone within the niche, will understand multi level marketing.

Some have reported (overtime) having adverse reaction or health issues, due to certain ingredients used in the products, such as soy, etc…. Their have been reports of thyroid, liver, back, stomach ailments and other complications.

Personal Verdict

As with any multi level marketing or network marketing business, they all at some point have their sets of pros and cons, and existing issues, that’s typically a given.

However, that doesn’t mean the said business is not legitimate. The crucial thing, is to do the research which you have done to form a tailored opinion. You are definitely on the right track.

Yes, there are people out there who totally do not get it, when it comes to accepting and understanding the models of a multi level, or network marketing company; And that’s fine, because the business model should be introduced to those who are in favor with the model already to rid the fuss.

Business seekers, should make sure the prices to start are reasonable and not full of up sells to dupe the distributors. Their should (reasonably) be more focus on the service, solutions and products offered.

Overall, as with any company similar to herbalife, it will take the right skill sets, knowledge, passion, persistence, belief… And most important, the execution of action to make it stick over the long haul.

My Recommendation

When making any steps to try a product or service that you’re unsure about, it’s always great to try, when there is little to no risk offered. That way you have little to nothing to lose. Also, regardless of any company you decide to associate with, in order to become successful with it online…

Regardless, you will definitely need to consider learning how to stand out among the rest in your niche… I would suggest, for you as a business seeker to get started on your journey the correct way.

You can sync the right skills and knowledge to succeed in any business niche, by learning “how to” slay it online. Yes, I am a member of an online platform that has taught me how to work forward, not backwards in the online arena.

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