Whether you are a business newbie or interested in, Business Start-Ups”, this message should bring you comforting news.  Well, I’m sure you might already know as a newbie in the online business arena, that you will have to build and continuously strengthen your business online.  As a newbie, this can be quite challenging,  especially considering the competition that already have speedily covered a large amount of marketing territory; When it comes to rankings and credibility. But don’t worry, there is hope for all the striving newbies out there…Follow me now, but first, I need to share the importance of your web presence.



Web Presence Is Crucial

If you have followed most of my blog posts, you may already know how urgently I stress to you guys, the value of having a web presence, that is if you don’t already. For those who are new to the scene, you see, I find it important to encourage people in business to have their very own web presence. Also, for those sporting replicate sites, that’s not what I mean; You will need your very own website; If you intend to represent authority and gain credibility from your audience, just saying.  With that said, let’s move on guys…


The Right Training Platform Is Crucial

You may need to rely on more than what you already know about internet marketing, due to the ongoing, never ending changes in technology and the industry.  So,  to deal with all those changes, it may be best to simply find a good internet marketing platform that teaches you everything from “A – Z”  in one place.  This should be considered as part of your business building and effort to educate and brand yourself as a genuine professional in your industry.  Another important factor,  is that a great training/learning platform will also provide the competitive edge that you’ll need.

Hope For Striving Newbies

There is tremendous hope for the newbies out there…Which is really great news. I would assume most people may already know all about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Communities and Groups, right?  But are you familiar with the power or Google Plus Communities and Groups?
Listen up, I happen to see the  power in Google Plus Communities/Groups when they first hit the scenes!  You see, here is the power of Google Plus Communities in relation to your content and SEO, which is, an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”.
First,  understand that SEO (search engine optimization) gets your  content/messages seen by way of the amazing search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or Google.  But here’s the thing, unless you can rank your content on the first page or two of, those search  engines the chances of folks seeing your content is very limited.


Benefits Of Joining G+ Communities

As a benefit of joining G+ Communities,  you are able to create your very own community/group.  Which is easy as 1-2-3 and the prompts, pretty much walks you through the process.   For example, you can give your community a name…
Let’s say you have a cupcake business and you decide to name your group or community “Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes Arena”…Then you decide to make your first post, that explains to the community what your cupcakes are all about.  You might decide to share your story (what inspired you to start up yr cupcake biz) or more.  You may even share your business website along with the information as a “sig” or signature when given the option.


Now, after you’ve made your first “cupcake” post, you may or you may not get around to growing your group. That’s okay for the time being,  sometimes “life” happens (lol)…But let’s just say, you’re feeling great because the post was really informative and impactful. The post is now published.
So here’s what Google will do for you,  simply for creating a community to chat about your cupcakes.  After some time, Google sees your community has been sitting there for awhile; Google will go ahead and rank your (optimized) community “content” or post on their search engines.  Not only, will they rank your content or post;  But in most cases, they will push your “post(s) up to the first page on their search engine!


Google Will Show The LoVe

They will show their love and appreciation for you, by possibly, placing  or ranking your community’s content or post(s) ahead of your competitors who’ve been squabbling for first place on the search engine for years (lol). This is weird, but Google’s got you! They own their search engine and can do it as they please. I would assume it’s more of a gesture of appreciation for people participating in their  communities, so to speak.
So, if you want to jump ahead of your competitors, simply learn more about Goodgle+ Communities (Google Plus Communities)…Create a group in relation to your business, interest or skill within the community.  Also, consider the right keywords,  when naming your group.  If someone was looking to find your business what are some of the search keywords they will use to find what you do?  For instance,  in my example above…


The Cupcake Example

Remember,  I used “Homemade Chocolate Cupcakes Arena” as the name of the created group which also happens to be a great “long tail keyword” that’s texted by someone searching for “homemade chocolate cupcakes” info in the search engine…Don’t expect instant results but, usually in months to come, there’s a great possibility you’ll see your Google + group’s content/post pop up on the first page of Google. So, all you did was create a Google plus group within the community with a nice optimized name for that particular group, that was it! If you never see it just keep building your group, keep the faith.
I think Google Plus Community, is a newbie’s best friend.  Simply due to the SEO power and it’s quite fun and engaging.  However, it’s up to the individual not to,  lurk the communities but learn how to engage or participate in the chats (make comments/questions) or enjoy the groups that interest you.  There are lots of business groups that share great value.  Try to avoid the groups that are in competition of posting the most business ads…There really is no value there.   Communities should be all about a focus on relationship building and networking,  sharing value and support.
Recap: So there really is Google Plus Juice, that business newbies can slurp up…Do something different and new…Start it up!   Get some powerful Google juice and soar to the top of the search engine. This is too cool!

Stirring Juice…I Mean “Google Juice”….Yes!

Google Juice

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What you think about this “Google Juice” are you thirsty for it?  Has the power of Google worked for you, if so share it here!  

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