If you are a newbie to internet marketing, doing things online,  affiliate marketing, or maybe just wanting to find a way to materialize some of your dreams by experiencing the internet or digital life-style as many are doing, these days…Then this read may be of interest to you. My attempt is to make this a fun packed message of awareness concerning Wealthy Affiliate freebies.

Also, to entice you to see the value in a freebie. You see,  if freebies are not shared, how will  others know about them. Or even share with others in their network who may have the need?  That’s where I come in,  just see me as your personal awareness assistant (lol).

So Bev, What’s Up?

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Today,  I’m ranting about what’s offered on the free…Whoo-hoo!  You see,  it’s all about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer people who are wanting to master their internet  or online success.

They complimentarily give people 10 really great  internet lessons that are packed with value, on the FREE.  My advice would be to take the valuable nuggets and apply it to whatever it is that you’re doing now.

If you’re not doing anything then you may still generously benefit.  I can recall taking the first 10 lessons and no one could tell me nothing. My head exploded, for once I really felt like I could master true internet success…LoL!  I am so not the same but that’s my testy.

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Thumbs Up

Couldn’t believe Kyle and Carson gave this knowledge away on the free. I actually think “free” is a trending word these days. Or some huge corporations might just call it “Freemiums” I’ll chat some other time about that one. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many freebies I have found and actually came out smiling due to the value. Okay guys, I’m framed “My name is Bev. and I am a freebie addict”…whatca got?…LoL!

Well to be honest, I love the word (free) more,  if it’s freely un-attached to immediate credit card information, if you know what I mean.

My thoughts,  hey…just allow me to peek in on your freebies, see if it’s a fit for what I need in my life or not.  Either I will walk away with a smile or say thanks and stay on with a smile.  I wonder can anyone else relate to that?

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But there’s one thing I must add, I am most loyal , specifically toward my buddies,  I know and trust. Guess, I simply love my buddies and they love me (I hope)…Just kidding, I know they Do…LoL!  Although, my arms are always opened to love on new buddies. I believe in developing valuable relationships but that’s getting off topic…So….just saying.

Alright, Bev. Get To The Point…You’ve Already Told The Whole World You’re A Freebie Addict (lol)

I know right?  Okay, my idea of freebies should be like,  browsing through  your fave shopping stores without a credit card.  You look over the things you may be interested in, then have complete freedom to stay longer…

Or simply dance away, lol.  But getting back to WA, that only indicates to me, this company is not afraid of risk, have nothing to loose and really attempt to educate people to become professionals in their industries.

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Alright…Here’s What I Want You To Walk Away With

Again, the main thing here, is to simply share awareness and announce that Wealthy Affiliate offers on a daily basis…A “Free 10 Lessons On Internet Marketing”  And Affiliate Marketing.  They give you the latest SEO info, as you know, optimization methods change on the daily it seems.

They also give two freebie (siterubix) websites you’re able to customize and name whatever you like. You can use those sites for branding yourself,  your hobbies or interest, to build some type of awareness, updates, blogging, personal use or for your business. It’s all about what YoU want.

Did I Mention cartoon image of a question Mark

Almost forgot, you’ll also have a chance to grow your network and connect with tons of valuable people from all over.  But I wouldn’t spend too much time connecting right away.   You see, your free training is more important to focus on, you can scoot around for candy later…LoL

So your investment in “You” should be of first priority, just saying.  A few things, that’s important for sure, is dedication, persistence, passion and focus and having others love and celebrate YoU.

Anything Else Bev…And How Do I Check This Out?

Just one other thing, don’t forget to set up a fun or interesting quick profile. Profiles indicate that you are serious about your success and you are dedicated to your success journey.  Others will believe you are serious as well and want to know more about you. Well, I know you “vets” in this industry already know that (lol), just saying.

But it will expand your business circle of buddies.  Then just get started, the lessons are quick, easy and have great videos to walk you through, so don’t worry, relax and have fun. Just skate freely on down the lane and I hope you “skate” right into me…LoL!

“Catch You On The Inside”…Take Care n Blessings!

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