If you are here, there’s a great chance you’re here to learn more about Empower Network.  It only proves you are smart to take time to do your researches during “decision making” processes. This is not an attempt to bash Empower Network but just to simply lay the cards out and may the cards fall where they may…hope you will find this review useful.

So let’s get started…

Who Are The Founders?

Empower Networkk Owners

Empower Network was founded by David Sharpe and David Wood. The business launched, Oct. 31, 2011 and has attracted tons of paying members. They are known mostly for their popular blogging platform.

What Is Empower Network?

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Empower Network is basically a MLM program,  due to the compensation structure and more, at-least this is how they are likely to be viewed by regulatory authorities.  Although, some of their members yet think it’s more of an affiliate program with a mlm  twist. Their products or sales items are claimed to be internet marketing tools, digital products and training to help or teach people to make money on the internet.  Now as far as the business side goes, once you’ve paid required fees, you can also basically sell/re-sell these products to others to receive commission.

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$25.00       Basic /Empower Network Viral Blogging Product:   With this,  they promise to give you a viral  bogging platform that’s built into the wordpress platform. It also comes with their (EN) hosting, sales videos and capture pages.

19.99           E–Wallet-   Which is their payment processor to get you paid

$100.00     Inner Circle-  Master minding with leaders in the industry and lots of archived material to fumble through. This offer includes lots of inner circle training through audios and such, also claims to get you paid higher commissions (100 residuals) when others you’ve exposed to this, buys the same product as you.

$297.00     Viral Blogging Academy-  This is a video course on how to monetize their blogging system, most helpful for newbies.

$497.00      High Ticket Academy-  A few  webinars on how to close the high ticket sales. This learning is mostly geared toward using the phone. However, the  knowledge may be used as blog content as well.

$500.00      Costa Rica Intensive-  Top personal development training as well as marketing training from people who are already successful in the industry.  This is a one time payment which they highly recommend you to take advantage of.  Included is a series of videos that covers building a business long term.

$1000.00     15K Formula-     Supposedly for the more serious people desiring to bring their income level up to the 10 and 15,000.00   per/month level. Well over 2600 hours of videos. Learn different marketing strategies from top tier marketers and more along the way.

$3,500.00    The Master’s Formula-   Mainly for the most skilled or advanced marketers (30+ hours) of content from people who are said to be,  millionaires already. Showing you the things they do or have done to make that type of income.  Plus they are to give you all of the archived materials from their top on-liners and earners.

$497.00       Top Producer Formula-   This one is Dave Wood’s secret training vault, that teaches you how to compete, strive and thrive in this competitive industry. This is supposedly one of his top offers for his members.

*So other than what the company freely advertise (entry level fee of $25)…The Above,  Points Out The Hidden Price List Of Empower Network; At-least enough to give you a general idea of the investment in  it’s entirety. 

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Great Training Material/Incentives; Most of their members even those who’ve left have nothing but good things to say about the higher priced content.

Great For Leaders Who’ve Joined This Business Early On; or During Launching Phase

Tons Of Marketing Strategies, Advice n Tips from Leaders in this Industry

Some of their more ethical, top earners have left, due to the duplication failure of their down lines. (Yes, this one falls in the “pro’s” category).


Several complaints from members of having other members to successfully duplicate their system; Members are having to promote several other systems in hopes of more desirable duplication, for example, IPAS is one of the more popular ones added.

Note: Their MLM system is designed to help the guys at the top earn the greatest returns; While the late comers and newbies struggle to earn. However, most “veterans” of MLM already know that it’s wise to get in these types of business structures early on; However, having your down-lines not be able to duplicate success due to tons of accumulated kinks and holes in the system, is another thing.

One can learn these same success and marketing strategies for  less of an investment

No guaranteed support system; It may depend on whether or not one has joined under the right sponsor for this program. Not all sponsors provide the same level of help and support for the new members. There is no 24/7 contact access with the owners of this company.

Note: In 2011 the company had pay out challenges concerning their international members, however, there are claims that these problems may have been dissolved.


Quick Personal Thought:

I have nothing against companies, as long as they are ethical/honest, do not “come to the table” with hidden agendas (mind games) and allow people a chance to test drive or sample a product/service before they make a full pledged decision.  Simply let people know what it is, allow them to sample, then take it or leave it, point blank.  After, researching several companies providing internet marketing training success…I find that Wealthy Affiliate is the one, that I can fully and highly recommend. But, I’ll admit I did try it as a free member (test drive the value) first to see if the “proof was in the pudding”, long story short…My Search is finally over 🙂

My Recommendation:  Wealthy Affiliate

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