Does Generating Free Web Traffic Really Work


If you are either promoting your business site online or thinking of doing so,  you are going to want to attract the right people to your site, to share what you have to offer. There are lots of promotions out there about generating free web traffic. But the general question that comes to mind is: Does this source of traffic really work?  You might have even heard others boast about their success with organic or free traffic.

Okay, for the sake of newbies, let’s make sure we understand the term “organic traffic”, so follow me now.  Organic traffic is free traffic that finds your website by way of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo,  Bing, etc… Generally, people find solutions, value or like the content on your site during the visit. Either they will peek and leave or read, opt into your list for more value (if you have contact options) best I can explain organic traffic.

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So you are going to want to add great quality content or relevance to your site. Remember, what your content represents your brand. You are going to want to really “bring it!”, get information across that your reader really needs or can possibly share with others who need the info as well, that’s the idea.  It helps to have a passion for writing and write useful content.

Another, important thing to do, is to make your content engaging and encourage your readers to give feedback by asking questions or making comments. Google favors interaction or web feedback, you’ll gain a bit of Google juice.  Okay, already that’s enough on content, as I will cover that on another post, getting so ahead of myself “sneak peak” into the upcoming stuff…LoL

For most, it may be easier to simply go with the paid traffic and not have to work as hard.  That is, to simply leverage your work and time.  I personally think the slogan ” You Pay For What You Get” is a universal fact. I’m not saying  that free or organic traffic is not the best. It’s just that paid and free methods work in different ways, so to speak.


For instance, when it comes to whether or not your content is considered worthy enough by the search engines; You must depend solely on how those  major search engines will view your website.  But if  you’re effectively doing everything you’re taught, then no problem there.  What a cool feeling to master organic traffic.  It’s one of the greatest feelings ever!

However,  if you have a marketing budget; You may want to try paid options,  to leverage and  increase your success rate.  Some people enjoy the benefits of trying both free and paid.  Some do nothing but paid and some depending on financial situations may opt to do only the free until they’re powerfully up and going. So, the choices may depend solely on one’s circumstance.  In the end, you’ll have to do what works best for you.

So now you understand how your valuable, engaging content attracts search engines to successfully rate your site and send organic traffic, this should help you to work more effectively.  So the truth of the matter is, that free traffic generation does work providing you have learned how to do it the right way.

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Which Traffic Source Do You Prefer…Free Or Paid?  Share which and why? Have Any Tips…Concerning what really works best?

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Just A Thought…One of the best ways to attract high quality traffic is by way of your website;  People generally find your site by targeted searches on the search engines. I love this method due to its’ automation advantage.   However, one thing for sure is you’ll definitely need to know how to have your site highly ranked to start receiving this awesome slew of traffic. As I’ve said so many times before, “knowledge,education” is key and applying the knowledge or executing the right action will prove successful returns time after time.

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