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If you need an internet marketing business boost, you will generally know.  There are many programs and services positioned to aid your success.  However, it will be strictly up to you to make the right choice when finding a source that will teach you the internet business requirements you’ll need to become successful.  What is the right choice? Yes, this question might come to mind when deciding. You are going to want to invest time in learning what to do and exactly how to successfully grow your business in spite of the competition out there.

Regardless, of what type of business you are interested in or already have; Many of your desired clients or customers may be found sliding and surfing inside of the cyber world.  However, what earthly good is it to promote your business online with tons of competition, if you are not properly schooled or taught to do it correctly.


You will need to know the whole nine yards of internet marketing without any half stepping.  You can search around the internet for free valuable content all day long…You can take advantage of the tons of mentors and coaches available…But are you getting the A-Z of everything you will have to know to survive and thrive on the internet with your business?

Personally, I’ve been through many coaches and mentors offering awesome tips and advice. I will admit, I’ve learned lots as a “freebie fanatic” LoL.  But, until I changed my mind set and got serious about building my businesses the “right” way online; only then did I realize one of my biggest mistakes of simply taking short cuts or leaving out a few steps.  You need to know that there are some steps that must not and I repeat “must not” be eliminated to build a successful internet business.



You see, I’ve always viewed all the technical parts of a business as hard and beyond my scope of knowledge and action. No one told me that the majority of the technical stuff is so easy an elementary student could even do it. Also, guess I was thinking because professionals and big companies charged an arm and leg, to create business websites and then, place them on the first pages of the search engines…That this was not possible for the “lay” business person unless they happen to be a biz geek…..Wrong….How wrong was I?  I’m convinced, if I can do this stuff, anyone can…lol.

But you see that’s all in failing forward….We live and we learn!  To make a long story a bit shorter…I simply got to thinking about how slow things were moving for me and that I definitely had to get a thorough business boost leaving out no loose ends or else.  I’ve always promised myself, due to my “why’s” that giving up will never be my option…So, I had no other choice but to get it together and decide…Yes, I needed a business boost!BIZ GROWTH IMAGE

Although for years, I’ve always heard of the reputable Wealthy Affiliate (WA)….Online Academy, As I’d like to call it,  even though it’s so much more. It’s the A-Z for anyone who is serious about their business or skills and marketing on the internet to become successful. Of-course, I didn’t know the true value, until I decided to try their free 7 days of internet marketing training. Also, I thought it was nice that WA allows people an option of a free or premium membership. My advice, regardless of the membership, one will just have to have a serious mind-set,  dig in and apply whatever works best.

Whoa, the stuff people learn for free in 7 days alone, is enough for any university to charge hundreds…But it only brings the vision of what’s in store for one’s success in full focus. Within the community, is nothing but like minded business supporters showering lots of expertise, support and love…I can’t believe I found myself on WA more than my facebook. I actually felt more celebrated  with WA…than tolerated on my facebook…LoL


Well, it’s no secret,  I’m still convincing and pinching myself to believe with the help of Kyle and Carson, I actually pulled this website together without having to outsource. You see it’s about, being genuine, simple and value packed, now that works for me and my business.

So, just by investing a bit of time to learn,  I’m more capable of growing a powerful and successful internet business, that’s a win-win for me.  I’m all in…Bring It.  Needless, to say-  I wanted more for my business….and stayed longer than the 7 days…LoL.  Hey, I told myself, I’ve only got one life to live and my business success will  surely add more quality to life! Remember, the options stands to become a free member forever but then again, I want it all baby!  LoL

This Turned Out To Be The Greatest “Educational” Investment Of My Biz Life:

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12 thoughts on “Do You Need A Internet Marketing Business Boost?

  1. This is exactly how I felt for so long!
    I am VERY happy I found Wealthy Affiliate when I did.
    It has saved me hundreds and maybe even thousands because I was able
    to put to use what I am learning and also gaining very valuable skills.

    1. Joe, good man…Sir… may I give you a big e-pat on the back! Another man of greatness has seen the light….Can see and appreciate real value…So it’s really not just me! Thanks for the confirmation, Joe…Now I can stop pinching my “dawg-gone” skin…lol 🙂

  2. Lot’s of great information in your article Do You Need an Internet Marketing Boost, I enjoyed the read. I am always looking for ways to get a leg up on the competition. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Andy, yes I’m enjoying and taking advantage of the boost these guys are sharing, doing the assignments and watching this stuff work. I’ve always wondered how the “big boys” mastered internet marketing, LoL. I must confess, I really geared myself up and put got my “mindset” in check. I decided I would not take any short cuts but become teachable by listening and doing all the assignments to the “tee” which is paying off I see.

      Right now I’m learning how to get the eyes of others on my websites without having to compete with the biggest of the competition out there, that certainly was a unbelievaable pill to swallow. But now I so get it…the way to compete without competing…which is actually one reason, I honestly needed this boost in the first place. The lesson I’m working on now, is one of my faves because, we actually get a chance to grow whatever business or niche we want or have been trying to boost.

      Andy, I think the fact that we are allowed to grow our businesses as we learn is what I love most. I see where people are even creating new businesses by doing things they’ve always love doing. Just think, I was beginning to think that practicality totally ruled but now I can see very well where there is much room for passions. Hmmm, this is some powerful stuff, I’ll be interested to know more about what others feel about this…Andy what are your thoughts….I will shut my e-mouth…LoL For now anyways… and thanks for your comment, hope to see you around.

  3. I agree 100% with what you have written here. I learned so much from Wealthy Affiliate and I also recommend them to everyone who wants to boost their online business.

    1. Wendy, I hear ya and the learning never seems to cease. Just think over the years I thought I’d at-least halfway mastered internet marketing but experiencing the knowledge of WA is powerful as it gets for me. Please, somebody anybody, tell me how does this guy make this stuff so easy and fun to learn. I’ve never thought in a million years, I could do some of this techie stuff I’m doing now…lol

  4. Great article, WA is the way to go. Even if you have a business and want to expand and gain more exposure. WA will teach you how to do this. If you’re new at business then this is exactly where you need to be.

  5. Thanks for great information. Your website full of knowledge. It is true that Internet is our friend, just we need to know where to look. Wealthy Affiliate is real thing. More as ten years of being in business is something. All the best, Nemira.

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