How Does “HelP” Serve Others

If you are wanting to help others when it comes to working a business online, you might ask yourself whether or not you have what it really takes to help others?  First decide what the market needs or desperately wants; Then decide on products or services and just how you intend to help.

Once you figure out who needs what and then what to offer to meet people needs, simply construct a way to help them by providing awareness.  By spreading, awareness of your products and services, you are generally letting everyone know that you are existing in operation and ready for business.


So rest assure, if you intend to do this or  already doing this with your business, you may definitely have exactly what it takes to become the best business tour guide and helper ever.  Marketing your business online may require many social interventions.   That is whether it’s done through the social medias,  your list (email), blog website or whatever…

You may have a great chance to develop awesome relationships with your prospects.  A relationship will spark likability and trust among your prospects. If you are genuine and sincere with your brand/products your prospects will be able to sense it and relate with you accordingly.


This  leads an opening for others to feel more open to ask questions and allow you to help them with concerns and needs. Isn’t that your intentions in the first place?  That is to become the “help” source. Once people are comfortable and appreciate your extended hand to help them with their wants and need, you will then reap the feeling of happiness…

That you were able to make a difference in someone’s situation. All due to your acquired skill and ability to reach out. Which is also empowered your passion, persistence and dedication. It’s  pretty much, about the ability to connect, maintain relations, satisfaction and follow ups.  All this, creates a great recipe for success. 

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 Hey…HUGE Question, How Does “HelP” Serve You?

Well, when it comes to helping; It’s always useful to be surrounded by others who share common grounds as yourself.   That is being surrounded by others who are positioned to share golden tidbits or tons of value, support and eager to help you as well as others. Therefore, you can find others to brainstorm more productive and creative ways to do what you love best, helping that is.  🙂  

One of my fave online community for business people with a desire to brainstorm powerful ways of helping others is Wealthy Affiliate. I enjoy WA because it’s more than just a entrepreneurs training station it’s like a “help” station…community.  My point here is…Don’t just be the HelPer but allow HelP to serve you; That way you are able to increase knowledge  and skill sets to better serve others (lol). 


Tip “Recap”: Remember:  To help, genuinely from the depths of your heart; Whether online/offline, others can sense when it’s not heartfelt. Be genuine and true…Helping is like a “gifted”  mindset,  something that comes freely from the heart and is laced with love, humbleness and understanding. When you are able to be a blessing to others; Somehow, the blessings peacefully flows back to you, which is encouraging.

All The Best “On Your Journey of HeLpinG”  🙂

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