How To Start A Website Business – Let’s Begin

If you have landed here, you may be wondering exactly how to start a website business the right way. Whether you want to build websites for others or yourself, you’re in luck today. I will attempt to show you how. Don’t worry it’s possible to become a master web builder in a matter of minutes. But I’ll get to that later…

There are many offers circulating, to show you how to build websites, but many do not show you how, to have your sites optimized to get great powerful results and more.

Realistically, sometimes “easy” can graduate to complicated but mainly, if you don’t have a good compass to show you how everything should go.

Just think about it, what good is a website without a continuous flow of traffic? Without continuous rotating “eyeballs” looking at your website…. Your website, will be left to collect “cobwebs” and suck up crowded space. With that said, let’s tackle the questions at hand….

But wait a minute… There are just some things important to clear up before you’re shown the “How To” Stuff…. About Websites.

Let’s Chat… First About Business

First, I’ll like to explain something. You see the word business, signifies quite a lot. Whenever, I hear someone mention that they want to a start a (web) business…

The first thing, that comes to mind, is a series of inventory questions to ask them. I’m always curious to know, whether they are really serious? Here are a few questions to consider, when it comes to starting a business. Grab your favorite cup of whatever, because this will take a minute, can’t leave you hanging without the rationale.  Here we go:


First… Are you a positive and independent thinker?

Rationale: The ability to maintain a positive mode of thinking, helps you to handle difficulties better than the norm. It also helps you to conquer obstacles and struggles. In turn, thinking positive, helps you to focus on the lessons learned rather than the hardship. 

If you are able to think independently and you’re not easily influence by others, that will help you to go far. Dream stealers are for real. I honestly think some people mean well, but in many cases a support system is better than a defense system. 

Do you have a business mindset… Or do you desire to have one?

Rationale: A business mindset in the greatest sense is that of an entrepreneur’s mind.  An entrepreneur is a shaker/mover that attempts to solve problems and add value to a given industry. So by having a entrepreneur/business mindset, your mind is specifically geared on spilling value and helping others.

Do you know your “Whys”… Why do you even want to start a business?

Rationale: It’s crucial to know why you want to start your web business. Say for instance, you are wanting to build a nest for retirement. Or overcome your financial woes and become debt free. Everyone have their own reason “why” it’s important to write it down and mentally seal it.

That very “why” will haunt your spirit, each time you feel discouraged. As a positive thinker, when positive energies are mentally applied, your “why’s” should give you strength.

What are your plans and goals? Are you willing to commit?

Rationale: It’s always a good thing to figure out your plan of action and goals. A plan, can be a detailed list of steps, that designates priorities and strategies. Which serves as a way to help you master your goals. So planning and goals sync.

Goals are accomplishments of the things you’ve set out to achieve (or get)… Goals can serve as a handy tool,  that reminds you of have far you’ve come and how much further you have to go. They work best when you record them (write them down) make them reasonable, specify, visualize and set them to action.

Are you teachable and coachable? Are you willing to commit to taking action as needed?

Rationale: Think about it...Now this is a wonderful question to ask yourself, if you are seriously wanting a successful web business. 

By the way, some of the best learners are newbies.  Why? If you are willing to become teachable and coachable, then you are in a position to learn. Yes, this puts you in the “ready, set, go” category.  You are likely ready to slay your industry, as a result of the training, knowledge and new skill sets to master.

Regardless of your level of expertise, there’s always something to benefit you, once your mind is open to learning.  Also, the ability to take powerful punches of value from an effective coach is the way to go: But the ability to apply the knowledge is key.

You must develop an attitude of “acceptance and readiness”, Accept what works… Be ready to learn and never stop. When you stop learning and applying, intellectually you stop growing.

Are you willing to challenge your fears, disappointment , setbacks or even failure?

Rationale: If you are ready to conquer your fears, any  disappointments, setbacks or challenges; There’s no doubt about it, you are in the house! That’s what I call “tough skin” for success.  A business is similar to life in some ways. There are ups and downs and turnarounds.

Even if you are not there yet, but willing to do this… Guess what? You are way ahead of millions out there, who are not willing. You’re in the house too. Remember, what I said about the “why’s”… Your why’s will give you strength.

A “yes” to this question, means you are more ready, than you may think to become… UnStoppable. Congrats!

Are you passionate, persistent, and patient enough to keep trying regardless of the odds?

Rationale: The 3 P’s is a given. Yes, being passionate about what you do, may help you to love it more and stick with it longer. Which brings us to the next “P”… Persistence. This trait will help you to keep moving in your business. It will eventually, help you to reach your goals.

Just think, if you give up, you’d never know whether you would have eventually succeeded.  Always, think about why you started in the first place.  Instead of giving up, consider solutions to the problem… Or what needs to happen to produce a better outcome?

Then there’s “P” for patience… Without patience, it would be hard to continue in business.  A lack of patience, has caused the majority of people, to fall by the way side, which makes up some of the large percentage of people who fail in business. It is wise to continuously, exercise confidence, effective action and patience while building your business.

Are you willing to create a sensible schedule, and the time required to work and build your business?

Rationale: Although this is a popular suggestion and makes lots of sense. Often times, it may be easier said than done. But it’s rewarding when it’s done. Because, a sensible schedule, helps you to use your time more wisely. It also builds focus, action and momentum (keeps you moving)… In the right direction.

Are you willing to search and see if there’s a hungry market of people out there, who actually need your solutions or your products/services?

Rationale: This one is deep, and where some beginners miss the beat. That is, many tend to create a solution first… Before they attempt to identify an existing market.  With that said, you must be willing to research your market first, then see what the needs are. You should be willing to first identify what people are struggling with, or what problems they are experiencing. Then set out to fill that void, by providing solutions.  

Do you have a loyal heart, of giving and helping others… Does it make you happy to make others happy?

Rationale: A heart of giving, is one of the biggest tools in your business. It’s important to shower your specific audience with value. Find a way to gauge satisfaction, as you can ask them to provide feedback… Encourage them to ask questions of concern. It is a great feeling when someone is happy because you’ve provided them a solution.

Note: End of questions…. If you’ve answered “Yes” for most of these questions, give yourself a pat on the back. It may be well worth your while, to move on to the next step.

Now Let’s Chat About Websites… Whoo-hoo!

That’s right, get excited about website building… Especially, if you intend to start a website business. But, one of the main reasons for your excitement, should be the fact that you are going to learn how to stand out, as a professional among the rest. You are about to add value to  the people you are willing to help.

As you may know, your website is the location, where all of your valuable content is stored. It’s more like your virtual address. Better put, your lovely spot on the world wide web. It is your presence among almost 2 billion other websites on the web.

But what good is a web presence without a hosting platform.  The two, website and hosting should never stand alone, if you’d like the best results. So you’ll definitely need a professional web hosting platform that stands and deliver nothing but superb performance. Here’s a list of hosting advantages you should expect:

Advantages Of  A Professional Hosting Platform

Professional Look and Design 

Control of Quality Website Content

Content Management System

Swift Navigation

Speed Time/Loading Time

Dependable Service

Quality Web Security

24/7 Customer Support

Technical Support

Even with the first 5 or 6 management tools listed above, you can have your web business, up and running in seconds. Except, you’ll need a proven framework, that will easily and successfully, guide you through the entire process.

To get started with it, I suggest the WordPress platform.  By putting a domain in the box below, you can build a FREE WordPress website in moments.

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WordPress: Top Content Management System

Did you know WordPress, is one of leading and most frequently used website framework in the world.  As you know, technology has come a long way; Since back in the day, when people had to know about HTML, coding, and programming to put together a great website.

Thank goodness, new technology has advanced to the point, even elementary kids can put together a great website in a matter of minutes.  Kind of cool… I tell you, technology today is something else.

Content Management Systems, like WordPress, has made it easy for those  serious about building their website business. My very site here, is a great example of WordPress in action.  A few years back, I’d never imagine myself where I am today, due to the power of modern day technology, lol.

Why Business People (Entrepreneurs) Love WordPress?

I can best answer this question for you, in a quick list. I will point out a few main reasons, here we go:

1.  There are so many beautiful and unique templates to choose from. (Over 1,400 templates)

2.   People tend to love the “Clickable” Easy Installation

3.   They love  not having no need for HTML, no coding or programming. (Know I fore-mention this but it’s also a main reason)

4.   Most are amazed and love the fact, they don’t have to be advanced in technical skills. These basically, anyone can set up a website.

5.   They also find the 24/7 Support System, and a helpful community, is the way to go, to stay on point with their websites.


How To Start A Website Business In Seconds- Let’s Begin

Well, isn’t this the gist of the entire chat, here… That is, discovering “how to” start a website business? I’ll not put it off any longer. May you reap the seeds of much abundance and success.

Watch this video tutorial by Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate below: Prepare to learn and position your business to earn. Get your website business up and going effectively, hope you enjoy it.  VIDEO TUTORIAL (Shows You How):

Create A Website In Under 30 Seconds


What Are Your Website Business Concerns?

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