Can Social Media Boost Your Business?

Really now… Can “Social Media” Boost Your Business?

My Simple Definition of Social Media:  Sites or communication “channels” that allow users to share and create content or simply to participate and interact with others.

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Now, let’s attempt to find out more- hmmmm.  So you’ve heard lots of chats about the social media sites and even found yourself desperately,  lurking around on them at times. Most your friends are there, so hey, why not see what all the ‘rukus” is about..LoL.

But now, this social media “thingy” maybe old news to most but new to others, believe it or not.  However, It’s always wonderful to know that social media is purposed as a communication plane to bring folks together.  The place for buddies to meet up in chats, sharing of great content, the latest topics, pics, videos, even a place to meet interesting, new like minded people. Sounds like, cool places to be, right?

However, there’s just one thing…If you already know how to successfully master this social media giant in terms of promoting your business, your hobbies or things you crave…then you are already ahead of many, cool!  But, if you haven’t a clue, just keep reading and hopefully you’ll gain an ounce of insight.


So now you know the general purpose for various social platforms.  Also, understand how this growing social plane has taken the center stage in the world of business. You see, the social networks were such a “boom” that at some point due to the increasingly expansion, growth and financial needs; Various, social networks such as facebook, linked in, twitter, and more set out to  incorporate awesome strategies to monetize their services. Therefore, a more innovative “stage” was created to allow businesses/business people to really “dig” deeper to experience more rewarding outcomes concerning their biz presence, brand and promotions.

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 For instances, cost per click better known as “pay per click” originated as one of the more popular techniques, as a result of the growth spurt.  It works a little like this…A business person can opt to pay an agreed amount or budget, each time someone clicks on their advertisements. Also, there are several other options such as sponsored in-mails, several enhanced marketing tools to use when it comes to directing any audience to your sites- you name it!

All, which is a great way to gain awareness and exposure for your business; Or simply, whatever it is that you do. Imagine the opportunity to make “shout outs” to specific groups/audience throughout the entire internet world. You have options to specifically make your announcements, share updates, list build, brand your biz and so much more. It certainly depends on your mission at hand. When it comes to the “social quest” the paid marketing options are quite interesting concerning the benefits.

Now, this (paid) option, may be really great for business people who have  marketing goals in place. Also, if possible, it’s important to position a budget for your marketing.  However, everyone may not be able to do this right away. That’s understood, because, most things actually is a process and may take detailed planning, goal setting and TimE.

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You Still Can Sow Effective Seeds; and Keep It Moving!

However, the main thing is to continue to sow those seeds for your ideas and ventures. You can always promote your brand and awareness. You can sow seeds that constantly grow meaningful relationships, support and trust. Really these are the best seeds to sow ever! And it won’t cost you a dime; just be sure to effectively represent your brand each time you connect with others. You will be surprise, to know of all the various ways you can “tie a shoe string” when it comes to promotions on the social media sites.

Now, there is one thing to consider, rather understand…and that is the fact that, there is a difference in social marketing/networking on the the platforms verses hanging out and sheerly wasting tons of time. Do not allow yourselves to fall into this mental trap, time should be used wisely. By having a daily schedule or agenda, then training yourselves to stick to it faithfully,  may help eliminate this problem.

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Now, let’s discuss the strategies one can use to build a social marketing foundation. Strategies that will increase and explode your social marketing presence, which in turn will work wonders for you/your business. Or as some love to describe it as a business  “Boom”!

How To Boom Your Biz On Social Medias- By Building A Social Marketing Foundation

Provide”Accessible” Social Communication Channels– You are going to want to provide several ways to communicate with your audience.  Your audience may have preferences and may like to hang out more-so at one social platform than the others. By having access to several social platforms you can yet interact with them regardless of where they love to hang out.

Develop a mindset to be social and interact rather than to come on the scene as a “Salesperson”…That is so not the way it’s done, today.  Also, make sure you have a schedule going to leverage your time.

Build Your Social Platforms -If you haven’t already, go ahead and set up your free accounts with the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and by all means Google+… Also, once you have set up these accounts, make sure you take the time to set up your free profiles and complete your “About” Page, specifically with Gooogle, as you will also be given an option to include your business links.  This is what you want…To include things about you and your business in these areas.

Provide Valuable Content– You can provide valuable content associated with the climate of your business; For example, let’s say you have a cleaning service- Then you could provide value by sharing awesome cleaning tips with your audience. You may even share your personal reviews on which cleaners work best, as to give them ideas of the right cleaners to use.

Let’s say, you have a internet business that you do specifically online, hook up with people who may be interested in what you are doing. Develop social connections, interact and take it from there. Remember to share your tips, just brain storm ways to be helpful.  Before you know it you will have a niche, or specific audience who are drawn to your expertise. How’s that for size? As this does not cost you money, no need to spend big bucks for this form of awareness.

Engaging Content Rules–  Speaking of content, with due diligence, please do yourself a favor and don’t stop until you have accomplished a mission to make your content “Engaging”… Having great content is one thing and having your audience to engage in your content is another. You are going to want your audience to provide feedback…Really, who wants to be a news reporter…LoL…I certainly know I don’t.  I’ll use myself as an example, if I’m reading something of value regardless of who the author is and feel I’m a smarter or happier camper due to that value, then I won’t hesitate to provide a comment of appreciation.

However, if you really want to step it up, you can simply share more or even throw in a few tips or insight which is all considered feedback and content engagement…Guys, “Engaging” is really hot this year….if you’re not a believer,  pay attention to those search engine results.

Viral Is Good–  You can share viral posts, videos, slogans, etc that your audience would love and be encouraged to share with others. Simply include a link/name of your biz along with it but refrain any text that indicates “sells”…at this point it’s more-so about awareness.  Viral affects usually come free and yes viral is good!

Encourage Shares– Also, if you post or share a “hot” tip with your audience, if you are able to…include you business sig (signature) but make sure the focus is mainly on your content and encourage your audience to “share” your tips with others. There are even share “plug ins” to include on your posts, blogs or various sites. If you wonder how to do this easy tech stuff…I recommend you try this, free internet course that walks you through 1-2-3 easy steps. Regardless, you are going to want to learn to easily share value. Imagine, your value+biz link traveling all over the net…how’s that for organic or  “free marketing”, sounds like a winner to me.

Share your content on all of your social meida platforms…Just get the spirit of Sharing in your Spirit. Encourage others to share your content as to spread awareness and help others who may need your tips. Simply,  Share…Share….Share your “hinny” off! LoL 🙂

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Now after considering many factors explained above, it’s really left up to the individual to determine whether or not social media actually adds a business boost.  Now it’s your turn….What do you feel about it all?  Does social media really make an impact or not?  Is it really worth it?  If so what do you like best? Are there better options?





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  1. Very nice write up about social media. I am just starting out in my business, and have been wanting to get social media going. I wasn’t sure how to start. This helped a lot, thanks!

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