This is a “mini” Business Start Up Course- I’ve put together to help newbies or anyone thinking of starting or transitioning a business online.  Feel free to share it with others if you like. We will discuss business start up for people wanting to learn the proper   way to market and build their business on the internet. We will specifically highlight the importance of having a website for your business and some.


Follow And Appeal To Your Audeince

I’m sure you know that, as with any business, you are going to want to follow and appeal to your idea audience. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to hang out in the places your audience love most.  Many entrepreneurs already have great ideas of how to reach their audience in local places or off-line, as this has been the route of social interactions throughout history.

If by any chance, you have a business and you are not following your internet based audience; Or if you have an internet presence but have no idea how to grow your business, then stay tuned.

Wait! Let’s First Pause For A Huge Bear Hug 🙂

Also, if you are simply interested in starting up a business or a business newbie wanting to learn the right way to build a successful internet business, then this might be the place for you. Go ahead and give yourself a big “bear hug” for finding this site…LoL

BEAR HUGSpeaking of business, now let’s get down to some “bear” business info:

You see, in order to get any type of internet business up and going, there are certain components that will simply be the building blocks for your online success. Here let’s discuss  a few needed components and why they are needed.

1.  Make an attempt to find a “hungry” audience with a specific NeeD.   In other words, find your market (people in need of something)…Then,  afterwards, attempt to Provide a “SolutioN for that specific need.  So quick recap, the people in need will be your “market” and the solution provided should be your product or service…your business.


Tip:  When first setting up a business…Do Not Make This Mistake (if you are trying to avoid a crowded market)…By attempting to first find a product or service (your biz)  FirsT….Only to find out later that your chosen market is “crowded” or over-saturated. This is apt to happen if you do not research your market. Tip: “Research The Market”

Search The Market

By now you should realize or know the importance of “searching the market” to prevent the un-wanted.  Also,  another competitive advantage is to  carefully, search and find available niche markets that only the minority of people know about, this will help tremendously.  On the flip side, if you are doing extremely well in a market that’s crowded than maybe you were one of the ones in first or powerfully skilled.



So, Always…Always, take the necessary time to search the market. If you are still in doubt on exactly what to search for. Here’s a really great write up on this, that might help you to understand things better. It is titled “How To Find A Niche Market: The Best Guide To Finding Profitable Niche Markets Anywhere” so feel free to click and read this, hope it helps. Or you can simply check out the definition below:



Quick Definition For The Sake Of  Newbies:

Define Niche Market Please

*Wikipedia explains the niche market best-  “A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market’s niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment.”

Already, Got Your Biz Up and Running?

Now, if you already have your business up and running and you’re satisfied with your products/service, however, you would simply like to explode your marketing success, then there are the right and wrongs for doing this as well. To stay in business and ahead of your competitors, it will benefit you greatly to know just how to do this.  Success means everything in the business world and is what all business owners strive to achieve.


Now…What’s A Business-Without A Decent Website?   Let’s Chat About This Component

If you already have a website for your business, then Congrats!  Cool,  you are doing an awesome, job!  Keep it up and seek out the many cool ways to optimize your content to get those seekers eye-balling  like crazy (lol). Yes, you are so on the right path.

However, you would be amazed how many business people have missed the mark when it comes to having ownership of their very own website(s). Yes, their very own property or home in today’s booming cyber world.  Whether you’re promoting your brick n mortar business, beauty salon, day care provider,online business, affiliate marketing or just whatever…I can assure you a website presence should take your business to new heights.

MaJoR Business Component

free website pic

Here Is How A Website Helps Your Business

An Effective Website- Once you have chosen your idea business, you will definitely need a website.  Websites are positioned to serve a purpose and you can determine which purpose depending on your business niche that better serves your need.  There are many but…Here are three major purposes people use websites for:

1) To Educate, Teach or Provide Awareness

2) To Provide Info and Updates to Current n Potential Clients

3) To Promote or Sell Products/Services….

Websites should not be over-powering but simple, easy to navigate and effective.  You can make your website effective by providing great value. If you have no idea what and how to do this, there are many opportunities to learn that’s offered online.  However, it will be totally up to you to invest in the learning curve.

No longer is it necessary to spend an arm and leg on having someone build your website. There are many free offers out there, allowing you to build sites for your brand or business; However, not all “freebie offers” give you the needed training, on how to optimize your site for effective search engine results.  Check out this recommended site, when it comes to training and building an effective website for your business: Learn How To Build and Promote Your Website


More Reasons To Consider A Website (Business Home)

Websites Builds Authority and Credentials- Most dedicated and serious business owners may easily realize the value of having their own domain and a trusted and secure hosting platform.

A website serves as a “property” for your business on the internet. You see, you will need a domain. For the sake of those who are new to the “logo”…Let’s define some things right quick.

Here’s A Quick Break-down

A domain is simply the name you’ve decided for your website or what’s sometimes called the url. A domain is like your address in the cyber world.

Also, you will need a “hosting platform” which is generally a service that makes your website available for others to see on the internet.

A place that stores, protects and keeps all your web files and stuff. So, the “hosting” is like your home in the cyber world. It houses everthing, you can have several sites all in one place even…All in one HoMe.

Have you ever heard the saying “To not have a website; Is like being homeless”, have you?  Well, this pretty much explains what’s meant by that.

So, once you have your own website domain and secure hosting, it just so totally helps and empowers. Therefore, you as a business owner, can have complete control over your website and the contents, when you take full advantage of domains and the right hosting platforms.   Biggest take away here is, this will be a great way to position your business for success.

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