Let’s Jump Right Into Things-  Here’s Tip Three Concerning The Business Relationship.

Constantly Stay In Touch

Tip 3

Once you have developed a good relationship with your desired prospects or customers, again your focus should be on building a continuous brick solid relationship. Do not make the mistake of floating into a comfort zone assuming your quality products and services alone will keep things going strong.

Yes, a hunger for what you have may exist but there’s also a hunger of appreciation and constant satisfaction that should be met.

RelationshiP BuildDing

Always seek new and creative ways to improve relationships.

Go far and beyond  when it comes to making your prospects/customers happy.  Try to touch basis on wants and needs; Ask for ideas and feedback on how you can provide more of what people want. Also, constantly seek ways to make adjustments and improvements.

It’s crucial, when your buddies are taking advantage of the wonderful products and services you have made accessible.  So, be sure to follow up accordingly.  Create time to see, how they are doing?  Are they content, happy or satisfied? Are there any concerns or suggestions?

Provide them with updates and keep the value flowing their way.  The best way to gauge how to treat them, is by putting yourself in their shoes.


Yes “Flip The Script” and Imagine You Are The Customer…

How does it feel when someone checks to see if you are okay? How does it feel when someone provides you with interested information on the things you need or love?

How does it feel to have your opinions or thoughts heard? How does it feel to be appreciated?  At the end of the day, your customers/buddies should be viewed more-so, as a loving family that you care about.

Just keep it 100.  If for one minute, one thinks it’s all about banking cash, then think again because it is not.

It’s about your passion and love to please people who are interested in maintaining a relationship with you (doing business with you),  Yes lovely “YoU”… Of all people.  Now, how awesome is that?  Whatever you do, just stay persistent and on target; You will do great.


Hope you found this tip useful; I would appreciate your comments below.  Also, if you missed my first two tips here are the links.  Big smiles!…Till next time, here ya go:

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Now, here’s a super cool youtube video by Julie (New Horizons123)  So Love the message in this video- Enjoy!

Later Gaters, Take care n Blessings!