Building A Website- Are You In Doubt?

You would be surprised how many business owners yet, exist without their very own website or one that is extremely productive.  You couldn’t imagine how many people, this very minute are building the foundation of a potentially great business without planning an effective website presence.

When it comes to creating a website or building a niche of things you love and have always wanted to do; Are you in fear or doubt? Have you stalled or procrastinated when it comes to getting  your business website up and going? Are you actually afraid of the competition out there? Or…Are you afraid because you don’t know the right things to do? 


Maybe, you are finding it a challenge, to invest the time and education needed to properly build your business.  Maybe you do not feel competent doing certain tasks and feel the need to rely on  the abilities of others.  Which may lead to lots of out-sourcing, that is having others to do the work for you.  At times, it’s understood how and why you may need a helping hand, however, there are yet several ways to build your business and save as you work by doing certain things yourself.    Would you really, rather hire someone…when in turn you’re actually building “their biz” by constantly hiring them to do most things.  Would it make more sense (if it was possible) to invest more  toward building or repairing your own business?  So, could all of this actually in a sense “spell” a bit of fear or doubt?  


Enough of the questions already…lol…Yes, I know but seriously,  these questions stimulate great thoughts to ponder.  At one point, I had to ask myself these very questions and as a result, I discovered  I had an abundance of  under-lying doubts and fears when it came to doing certain things.  Like building a simple website and learning how to draw serious attention to it,  for instance.  It seems I used to  allow intimidation and fear to set in,  when checking out other business competitors who had beautiful websites up and going. I never dreamed in all these years, I could learn to do the same.   As no one ever told me it’s so easy, even an elementary student could do it…LoL.  


However, in my opinion, having the right instructor always helps when it comes to easy learning, fun and action!  But once you find something that works like magic, it’s like you want to pay it forward and help others discover the same magic.  But as the slogan goes “One can only lead a horse to the water; But can’t make it drink”….The horse must first discover the value or need to drink…sort of makes a lot of sense.

Biz Man Relaxing at WorkSo, it may help to create a bit of time to reflect and think about business essentials or changes that may be required to accelerate your business to new levels.  If you already have a website up and going, that’s one thing but it’s another thing, if it is not producing desired results. Somethings, definitely should be considered for the success potential of a business. There are many components in a business that can not work efficiently with out the presence of other components. It is like a smooth running machine, all components must perform correctly to keep it going.

What About Knowledge n Action As Components?….YeS


Well, consider this, at some point you will either pay some way or the other for NoT investing in the power of knowledge and action.  Let’s take a quick look at the “Corporate America” atmosphere….I can recall many, many years back when I was hired as a administrative employee of Illinois Power Company and we were sent several times to Decatur, IL to attend educational courses that could last up to a couple of weeks even; We had to be “in the know” with all the technologies and learn all the things that it would take to make our “system” run smoothly.  Turns out, the learning experiences were well worth the investment and it paid off  by improved performance and quality service. The administrative team became a fearless force and the customers felt the impact in the greatest way. 


Just think, as an entrepreneur or business person, you should also ensure the same mode of operation in your own business .   In this case, a efficient website is key, which will require all needed components to function smoothly. Knowledge is absolutely a powerful component because it shows you how to do it the right way.  You are then put in a position to have more confidence and posture.  However, I hope your biggest 2 takeaways here, is that you’re able to pull it together and get going with a website/home for your business if you do not have one. Also, if you already have a website that you will learn how to manage it effectively by seeking the right knowledge.  It’s important that you give yourself the right start to become fearless in your business.




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4 thoughts on “Building A Website- Are You In Doubt?

  1. Hello, Bev. Great article. I especially liked what you had to say about outsourcing. It’s true: why are we putting money in the pockets of other people when we could help ourselves even more by taking the time to educate ourselves? Keep up the good work.

    1. Right Jessica, it would help a lot, if only to take a little time out to make one of the biggest investment ever and that is in “ourselves”…We are so worth it and will appreciate the rewarded “results” in return. Glad you brought that point to surface- good one, Jessica and thanks 🙂

  2. Wonderful, informative, visually appealing website. I was so engaged reading your information, that forgot my morning routine. I think that everybody who visits your website, will be armed with knowledge, how to create business online and get substantial revenue from it. All the best, regards, Nemira.

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