If you have clicked on this option (Build A Website)…Chances are you are either interesting in building a website or you already have one and may want to learn more ways to improve it. So let’s dive in.

As some people may know, in order to get your brand, interest or business on the world wide web; A great website serves as a channel to do that.  You see, a website generally, promotes whatever you want it to.   It gets the word out in a big way. It is the central station for all of your web content.

So, where do you begin? Will you have to hire someone to build this site for you? Or are you ready to do something many people have always felt intimidated to do…That is to build their very own website and learn what it takes to get it on those first pages of search engines?

Are you willing to spend your hard earned money on others who may even prey on your not being “in the know” …Or maybe you are just too busy to invest in, learning the skill sets to help you grow.  Whatever, the reason may be…In the end it comes down to a reasonable choice.  You may notice lately, more and more opportunities on the web that allows you to build a free website. Which is great, but the draw back, on many sites is that they do not always teach or “take you by the hand” and walk you through each step by step.

There is quite more to a quick bouncing site that’s up and ready but not search engine ready. You are going to want your site up and going and optimized, that is “search engine ready”…This goes back to what I mean by learning the proper skill sets to do that. And the good news is that, the secret is out “all that techie stuff” that was  imagined hard is not. Hey, I told myself, if kids can learn to do this, so can I…LoL.

So building your own website is easy as 1-2-3.  For the longest many, have fed into the biggest myth ever, that building your own website is super hard. But I discovered it’s NoT. It is super easy.  By accessing the right learning platform, where you are not only able to build a great site but you are taught the right skill sets to have your site up successfully is the way to go.  Most importantly,  your site should be searchable for the world wide web to easily explore it.

Start Now==>>Build Your Own Website(s)

So, if you are checking out this website; I hope you love it because, I put this site together like one of those “elementary” students would have…lol.  Thanks to Kyle and Carson of WA, who are internet specialists always eager to help and make things easier.  Well, these guys are responsible for teaching tons of folks to do this (and more) through a free 7 day free course. I like that the instructor, Kyle takes you by the hand, so to speak and show you step by step how to do this.  So in a short matter of time,  you’re ready, up and going and full of confidence.


I can laugh about it now, but when I signed up for the free course, I was shaking with fear of the idea of creating my first website.  I expected to do tons of complicated reading.  I was wrong.  Instead of gobs of reading, Kyle took everyone through a series of “hands on” learning videos, that showed us exactly how, what and when to do things…then a quick passage to read and a really quick and fun exercise designed to ignite action. After, taking the simple lessons, I felt weird to ever have feared something so simple. I guess it pays to have a great instructor.

I now have  skill sets, that I would have paid hundreds for at the local university and let’s not mention the Sallie Mae/Navient loan (lol). I can now  even help a few of my “off-line business buddies to optimize and set up websites for their day cares and craft businesses or just whatever.  learned totally free within those 7 days.  Now, my kid is shaking her head in disbelief that a “mommy” could really do this! LoL

You would be amazed how many business owners who are still wandering around “in the cold” without a website.  I don’t blame them, they may not have the faintest idea where or how to begin , that’s all.


You see, as a complimentary offer, Kyle and Carson give all the “free business members”  two free (site-rubix) websites to build and keep forever. It doesn’t matter what you decide to title your website and contents. It’s totally your choice. You decide what you want your website to be about.  Plus, what makes these sites more valuable to have, is he makes sure you are up on the latest optimization techniques. He tells you how to generate content and positions your website(s) for success.

Well, that’s it, I’m done sharing the info. for today.  Hopefully, it has informed and helped someone…All the best on your journey.


4 thoughts on “Build Free Websites

  1. Bev,
    Thank you for sharing your ideas about building a website. I might add additional links towards the top if someone wants to create their website sooner… it seems to get lost at the bottom…
    Keep up the great work!

  2. So tell me how do I get this course or connect with a mentor that can show me how to properly use and install wordpress sites using my own hosting. I have an arsenal I need to make live but need training and a communicative trainer.

    1. Gavino, you can click on “Build A Free Website Here” at the bottom of the post/article you’ve just read. Or click on “Build Now” within the box. Or better yet, you can click this link: “BUILD YOUR WEBSITES AND MORE” Once you’re created a free account and profile, simply get started on your free course and you will be able to ask any questions you have there. Ask anything you want to know or need help with concerning your niche or business. Also, you can take a FREE Course to learn how to manage your websites and more. Just soak in the knowledge that applies to what you are interested in. Enjoy and hope this helps-

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