Hi, Bev. here and welcome to the site. Let’s see where shall I begin. Well, I’ve been surfing around online since 2008. I started with a passion of networking and meeting other interested success minded people in various social business sites.  Well, back when,  there were the many social chat rooms for people of like interest and then there was  none other than “Myspace”!…LoL,  Funny now but Myspace was at one point and time one of the latest and biggest thing going similar to facebook of today.

Also, I had a passion for finding many things to do online that would supplement my income. Sure there were tons of marketers promoting their prized ventures as they do today.  There were the greedy ones, the scammers and the honest ones all mixed into one huge barrel! Wow, so needless to say, I adopted the gift of discernment from the school of “hard-knocks” for real…LoL

I’ve done everything from Avon, diet patches, natural vitamins, healthy juices, online mock juries by lawyers, mystery shopping for designated companies, promoted discount health plans, several affiliate products, selling my  “own” line of hand-crafted jewelry, and the list seems to go on continuously! If anybody has failed forward, i think I qualify to stand in the bunch that’s waving both hands in the air…shouting I’ve failed forward and learned lots along the way!

I love it today in the business world, that so many things have changed for  business owners/entrepreneurs, affiliates and network marketers as well.  Whether you have a brick/mortar  business or work strictly online, you have come to the right spot.  Yes, the world of dreams and possibilities is headed into (forever changing) new directions these days .

Hey, it’s really a great thing because due to new marketing trends and innovative ways of exposing a business to grow; It’s really breath taking and amazing.  No one has to work as hard anymore, however, it yet takes passion, patience, time, diligence and effective work.  You know some things will never change and some personal traits for success will always be the same.

With the many dead promises and wrong business concepts flowing around the internet; I thought it would be a great thing, to freely share and help internet newbies avoid journeying down the wrong paths; Before discovering there could be mandatory u-turns and rubbish in the way.  It only helps to be steered in the right direction.  Hopefully, I can share,  proven and sound techniques for building any business successfully online  with you. I’m sure if you have made it to this site then you are concerned about your success.

Have at it…Peek around and feel free to soak into any value or assistance.  Also, feel free to share this website with others you feel may need this info.  Okay, now it’s time to sit back…advance, learn and discover.

All to you and your success…God bless!




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12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, Bev!

    Great website you have here! So very informative! You have a good way of explaining information!

    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate already and you are absolutely right, it is the place to be if you want to learn online affiliate marketing or how to build a website!

    It is a great community with fantastic information and terrific support! Kyle and Carson have really put together a helpful business to help combat the scams that are waiting for those who want to start an online business!

    Keep up the good work and have a great day!

    1. Hi Donnie, Thanks a ton for the encouragement and compliments. I’m inspired and more than appreciate your greatness. I’m going to have to visit your website as I love lurking all the greatness, sorry just a bit nosy by nature (lol)… But if there’s anyway I can possibly support, don’t hesitate to give a holler, okay.

  2. You way to kind with your comments on mine and thank you for being gentle, LOL!!
    WOW!! Cool website. Like the waving hand.
    One think I notice on my side when I pull up your website, seems your subtitle is being cut into by lines that are above and below “About ME” and other titles to your article.
    If want more help from my end PM me.

    1. Thanks Larry, I’ve changed the template which I see really work. Also thanks for the compliments. I hope to re-visit your awesome site soon. I’ve sent you an appreciation email as well…LoL

  3. Wow Bev! Straight from the heart and so easy to digest and understand. I think anyone that wants to get some inspiration into starting an online business would glean a lot from your site. Well done!
    Warmest Wishes, Amber

  4. Bev, I left you a comment over on WA too, but wanted to browse your site a bit more. I really like the friendly, encouraging atmosphere you’ve created here. I love your animated additions and other graphics. You’ve made access to WA easy, but not overbearing. You have an authoritative writing style without being preachy or unreachable. This is a sight I would definitely come back to.


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