Whether you are a newbie to business or struggling to make progress in your business; I will share one tip at a time…To help you to make continuous daily improvements.  Simply, rinse and repeat these tips daily for best results.

Unlike, most of my writings that can be long, long, long…I promise to make this post shorter, sweeter and hopefully to the point (lol)…HoW? By sharing one or two tips per post.

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Just ask yourself, ” What are activities you’d love to improve on when it comes to your business or projects?  What ever it is you may be working toward, wouldn’t you love to focus your attention specifically, on step by step gradual improvements?

Hint..Hint…One of the things you’d probably most definitely want to improve on are the things that are most important or most crucial to the success of your business. Focus on the major things, then practice making an impact, by following the tip(s).

“Continuous Improvement”  In Your Business…Post 1: Tip 1

RelationshiP BuildDing

Daily Attract Your Niche or Customers 

You don’t have a business without customers which makes this tip, number one on the list. So try doing things daily that will help your niche audience.  Once you know who your customers are or will be…By giving and adding value for them.

Remember, it’s not about abruptly or  forcefully showing them what you think could help them.  Who in the world wants that? I know I don’t. Would you?  You have a market to attend to, that is very interested in your expertise or what you know; So why not help them.

They want your value, good advice,  and a caring, helping hand when they need it.   In other words, a meaningful relationship would be great, also ensure you’ll be around to continue to help.

Once, you have an audience/prospects or customers that you’re able to help by providing value and establishing meaningful relationships you are well on your way.

More About…Your Audience


I know it sounds weird to find your audience before your products or services…But just think about it, that really makes perfect sense.  Yes, to first explore the market….Find your audience, the “Who” or  Your (niche) group of customers.  Also, think… Where  do these people hang out and how can I connect?

Recap: Discover who needs the help and then figure out how you will be helpful to them by accessing them with what they want and desperately need.

Then, After You’ve Done That…Do This

Now…Find and base your products and services, on your audience/customers needs or hunger so to speak.  Yes, this is where your products or services will serve as yummy “food” for your customer’s hunger, getting the pic?

This is best, I can explain it, hope this tip helps if you’re not already in the know about it. If you are, way to go! Also, it may be the best way to prevent a lot of un-necessary pain, effort and working in vain.

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12 thoughts on “A Tip On Making Continuous Improvements In Your Business

  1. Finding out your target audience is not weird at all, I think it’s by knowing who they are that you can really talk to them on an interpersonal level.

    I am starting a business online and this article has reminded me of some very important core information about business and worths the read. Thank you for that. I would find it easier to read if there are more formation though.


    1. I hear ya, and right you are, however these are only brief tips or tidbits. I do longer posts/writings within the website. Well, glad the tip was useful. Thanks for your time and feedback. Appreciated

  2. Wow you definitely have a great theme and I loved the way you have organised your article. However, is it possible to maybe not bold your main text as this distracts from the headings? You write very well and your writing is very structured so your readers will be able to take the main points from your article in an easy way.I liked how you stated the method of rinse and repeat of those tips as well as this will lead to success. Well done!

  3. Hey there friend! ,
    I basically like the simplicity of your website! it looks straight forward in its approach and it is presented in a clean manner. I found that while i’m reading your posts and pages It feels easy to browse through the content. I gotta admit though…there a few paragraphs in some of your pages that are quite chunky! maybe just break it down a bit. You have an amazing website btw..so Keep up the Hard Work. 🙂


  4. I do need to take a step by step approach to work towards my goals. I like the part about doing something daily to help my niche audience. I understand that it is me that they entrust and I should be the same way. I feel like if I know my audience more and more, I could connect to them gradually, more and more. Thanks a lot.

    1. Welcome, and glad you get it Joe. You are on point when it comes to knowing your audience as much as you can; So that you’re better able to connect. Not only does that promote trust but it also shows that you actually care.

  5. This is a great tip which I think builds the foundation of your business. Before asking people to open their wallet you of course need to provide some value and make your customers feel that they can learn some useful stuff from you. Like Kyle says: You need to create a service that people love, but you can’t make people love a service. BTW, are you getting any emails or comments from your readers/visitors that encourage you to continue your work?

    1. I agree, and in today’s market if you have value and able to offer things people want and need, they will usually ask or do business with you. Just put yourself in their shoes…Let’s take myself for instance, when I’m looking for a product or service I will usually seek out value and feel most comfortable doing business with those I already know and trust, or one who has great credibility and reviews due to their value. By giving value, it indicates that you really care and spend lots of dedicated time and energy to be helpful to others.

  6. I love the graphics on this site. They hold the attention. I wanted to shake the hand of the lady who had her hand extended because it seemed like her hand was coming through the screen.

    Nice tips. More and more we are finding that it is possible to find your customer before you have a product to sale. One of the ways to do this is blogging. Another way is vlogging and things of the sort.

    I appreciate the tip you gave on not shoving your offer down a persons throat, even if we think they need it! And your 2nd tip, develop relationships was golden! Because so much is done online, it’s easy to want to get down to it, but you eloquently reminded us that relationships are still key in business.

    Thank you for this article.

    1. Glad you are finding value in the tips on relationship building. Today’s market is totally different from that in the history of marketing and sales. It’s more like a process or stages that happens when building relationships. The relationship is first started, then nurtured so it grows in a “healthy” fashion and maintained. I like to compare it like a beautiful garden. It has to be cultivated (working it and adding all of what it needs to grow)…Once a relationship is powerfully strong. Keeping spreading more seeds to grow a larger garden, keep watering the beauty (adding value) to maintain and create a lasting environment. It’s okay, if you stumble in the garden or make a few mistakes, as long as you remember to chop it off and learn and grow wisdom from the experience. If understanding of the concept and patience is exercised while being consistent and diligent toward actions it will take one so much further. I appreciate your comment and hope to see back soon. 🙂

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