Saving is a great way to earn more and one of the easiest ways, to have more without having to break a sweat.  Although, it may take a little to a lot of discipline to do this, depending on the individual.  You will need the right mindset and it would only help if you could set goals while saving.  Think about the reason you are needing to save and how much you would love to save. Remember to enforce a sensible plan of action as you plunge into your savings’ spree.

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5 Tips To Help You Have More


1.  Save all loose change you find in your home.  You would be amazed over a period of time how loose change can add up.  Save 10 percent of your earning each time excess money flows through your hands.  Store it into a savings account, never keep your savings in reach, that’s too tempting.

2.  Save coupons to use at shopping stores and make a list of needed items; Then try sticking to your list;  Unless you really need  an item,  steer clear of buying anything that’s not on the list. Don’t buy  sale items,  just because it’s on sale when knowing it’s something you really don’t need.

3.  Resist “Impulse Spending- Use the “time rule” based on your depth of discipline. Give yourself anywhere from 1 hour up to 30 days depending on what it is, before actually buying. Chances are if you didn’t really need the item, in an hour or more you may change your mind by having more time to reason and think about it.   Which will help you to sensibly save the money.  Also, never shop when you are too upset or emotional unless you are shopping for things you must have…Avoid the wants.

4. Learn a craft or skill…No money to go to take a course…Then search “Youtube” and learn a skill and how to market your skills, which is another great avenue to making money. (Google search and study up on “How To Market” to learn (for free) how to successfully sell your products/services to others.

5. Find odd jobs to do for others like “painting, cleaning, washing windows or cars, cooking/baking, sitting for an elderly person, child or pet even. Be the candy lady or candy man in the neighborhood, kids will love you for it. You can even niche the things you sell…For instance, maybe you’d like to sell only  twixt bars, only skittles, only hot chips or freeze cups. This is another great way to earn and have more.

Hope this was a fun list of ways to make some kind of financial profit, and remember a “little” cash made over time can turn into lots. There are many other ways to add to this list but we’ll stop with five.  Just try saving your profits; Instead of spending as fast as it’s made. The greatest “take-away” here should be to practice saving.


My Recommendations

Here’s an “all-time” fave, one of the greatest ways to have more online, is by learning how to promote the products and services of others as an online Affiliate. You can earn lots by way of high ticket items that pays huge commissions.  Or you can learn the power of leveraging, when, lower commissions quickly add up to high paying commission…This is done through the process of customer purchasing. This is often done by many Amazon and Ebay affiliates. It’s best to do what’s “hot” and you’re passionate about. Invest your time into learning how to earn. You can learn more about Affiliate Marketing and how it can help you to have more.  It may take longer to get up and going, but is definitely “hands down” the best way to go.  Unless you are starting up your own line of products and services which may call for bank loans and high start-up and overhead expenses. In this case, you should definitely do what works best for your situation.


Can you think of more ways to have more…It’s okay, brainstorm and put your beautiful thoughts into action! Share your thoughts and don’t forget to share this post with others in your social networks. 🙂