When it comes to success, there are definitely habits that will help you on your success journey. Of course, success is something that you choose to have. It also starts with the right mindset.  Once the mind is able to believe it; You are then able to receive it…but we all know who says that one best, right (lol).  Also, there’s another saying by Booker T. Washingtons  that goes,  “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed…PowerfuL.  But let’s move on and start the quick list:


 Simplify The Words Used Make sure you can share your message in a simple way but with lots of meaning and value. Do not use big words that are hard to understand for the typical person. This is important to do because you will be able to reach a larger audience that will understand your message.


Replace Negative Habits- Retrain your thoughts by replacing any negative habits with positive and good habits.  Practice this daily and once it becomes a habit; It will be more of a happy and great lifestyle. There’s a saying that states “Excellence is not an act;But a habit”…So become your very best.

Set Daily Goals- Write a daily “to do” list and mark off each item, as you get them done. Be sure to list the things you need to do first on your list.  As you notice the progress of marking the things you wanted to do off…It will give you confidence and momentum to do the most important things on your list. So challenge yourself, by making a daily “to do” list and see what happens.


Empower Yourself By Reading- Always make time to read a great book.  Read a book that relates to the things you love to do. What are your passions? Read and learn more.  If reading isn’t your favorite way of learning; There are audiobooks that you can listen to. You may even love watching self-improvement  or educational videos. Try to create time to,  make learning a daily habit.  Just choose the learning technique and routine that works best for you.


 Get Rid Of Fear- Fear is one of the biggest “hold backs” in life. You can not move ahead if you are afraid to make decisions. Even if a decision turns out to be a mistake, you will learn a valuable lesson on what not to do. This is sometimes called “failing forward”. In the best case, your decision may cause you to enter into a world of success. You never know but the first step will be realizing the fact that your fears exist. Then conquer your fears by taking immediate steps of action toward whatever it is that you fear.


These are only five great habits, as there are tons more…Hopefully the biggest “take away” here is that you will be reminded to practice daily, great habits that will empower you on your success journey.  Can you think of more habits?  If so share your thoughts, advice, tips and questions. Don’t forget to hit those “share” buttons to keep the tips flowing.

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