It is really great to have business projects up and going, so you’re more able to serve and help others. By the way, not only will your projects and duties empower those you serve, but if done effectively, it will pump up your business.  Unfortunately,  you may experience challenges as a result of it all. If you’re working a business from a home setting, then you may already know how many things can pop up in the course of a day.  It can sometimes be impossible to have an interruption-free day.  Maybe, your office is away from home, in a specific location. Then guess what?  Sometimes, things can still happen to throw you totally off track.

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It seems, hardly anyone gets exempt from the distractions and interruptions in business.  Why?  It could be due to a big thing  called, L-i-f-e?  Sometimes, situations pop up from out of nowhere, whether favorable or not so favorable. The one thing, that counts most, in this case, will be your wisdom and ability to know just how to handle those distractions.  The way you handle them can make or break your business success.

Also, considering the fact that working for yourself, means you’re your own boss…This within itself can bring on a challenge of “persistence and focus”.  It’s easy to get “lax” when knowing you call the shots and you can stop and start whenever you wave your magical wand…But that wand must be controlled and used sparingly in order to be useful.

There are things we sometimes, bring upon ourselves.  For instance, it’s easy to get side tracked when taking mini breaks.  By simply fidgeting or not managing time effectively on our electronic devices…Or by making a quick text or call to check up on a buddy, in which the chat carries on much longer than the usual.  Or clicking on social sites, social chats and trying to take a peek at every new “shiny object” flying in cyberspace (lol) , many things can contribute to being un-focused. Now, here are three things to help you get up and going again, stay on task and better focused.

Prioritizing…What Comes First

Decide what needs to be done first based on the urgency of the task(s). For instance, if you have deadlines to meet on some things that could greatly affect your business, then consider doing that first. If you have to do something that’s hard, too big, or overwhelming, then consider, breaking down the task into smaller “bite size” chunks.  Or you could even consider seeking help with difficult tasks to leverage your time effectively.  After you’ve taken care of all the urgent matters, you may consider, doing the smaller tasks that will take only minutes or a small fragment of your time; In some cases, it may be best to do the smaller tasks first. The more you dedicate yourself to take action and focus”, you will find it easier to decide what’s going to work best for you.

Write A “To Do List” And Stick To It…Asap

A “to do” list is like instant short term plans and goals for the day and usually works like magic. Nothing spells the word focus, like having a “To Do List” with a list of things you need or want to do within the scope of your business day.  By having a “to-do” list, you can mark things off as you go…And each time you check mark each item, you will feel a sense of relief and happiness.  Also, it will strengthen, motivate and empower you to finish the rest on the list. Allow your “to do” list to serve as your little personal “compass” for the day that guides you to your daily finishing line.

Think How Important It Is… For You To Get Things Done

You see, the mind is one of your greatest tools of motivation. Just think,  how important is it for you to maintain the attention needed to complete the work?  How important is it to focus and keep things moving?  What will be accomplished? How important is “discipline and focus” to your success?  You are your own biggest coach.  Even if you have a coach, just think your coach can not follow you every second of the day. At the end of the day, it will depend solely on you to push that “Go” button. Once you realize just how important it is for you to start or finish where you left off; You will find yourself being more productive than ever. Take control of your destiny by remembering your “whys”…Hone the skills of discipline, persistence, and momentum. Make any setbacks the product of your powerful comebacks…Regardless, master the skill of focus and getting things done.

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 These are 3 ways to help you focus when it comes to business; Can you think of other ways to focus or to remain focused?  What keeps you motivated and focused? Leave A Comment Below…

12 thoughts on “3 Ways To Stay Focused On Your Online Business

  1. I have a notebook I carry around with me everywhere, on vacations and keep it at home, every Sunday I write what I want to have done by the end of the week (Saturday) and then every day I plan my day out starting in the morning with what I have to get done.

    I also make sure I use my time as effectively as possible, not meaning I’m always busy, but when I do work, I focus on nothing but work.

    It helps me reach my goals and stay focused, maybe someone else can use these:)

    1. Hey Tyler, It’s great that carrying around a handy notebook has worked to keep you focused on your goals…Awesome tip and I’m sure it will help others, thanks for your feedback.

  2. I think you nailed it – those 3 things are what it takes for sure!! I find To Do List’s critical for me, it really helps me get the most out of my day.

    You’re absolutely right – the power lies within our minds. Our minds (thinking) can either get us to where we want to go or prevent us from getting there.

    I love your statement, “make any setbacks the product of your powerful comebacks.” Brilliant!!! It’s getting up and carrying on after you fall that will make success that much sweeter!!

    Thank you for such a fantastic post!


  3. I would say writing a daily and weekly list AND stick to it is what make me focus on my online business consistently for the past 6 months.

    I started my website in 2014, but didn’t take serious steps until the end of 2015 when I realized how slow I was with my progress. Then early this year I got a really nice planner notebook and that’s when I started writing down my task and goals.

    And it really helps to carry the planner everywhere because you are always reminding yourself that you’ve things to do for your site.

    1. Cathy, I’m happy that you seriously took off with your business once you realized exactly what you needed to do. Another smart move you made was to not give up, although you were moving slowly at one point, at-least you were moving and considering solutions to improve. Like yourself, many are discovering the importance of persistence when it comes to goals, list writing and planning…It’s a great way to go. Thanks for sharing your useful tips and all the best to you.

  4. Hi, Bev. You’re absolutely right! Seems like daily there is something new that can throw you off track. I have to keep lists…I list everything. Lol It is certainly hard to prioritize when you’re trying to run your business. For example, do I finish my post, or do I lie down because it’s already 2am? Lol Thank you for the needed tips/advice, I will use all the help I can get! ☺️

    1. Hi, so glad you found these tips useful. Also, love your great sense of humor (lol)…thanks for your feedback and hope to see you back again.

  5. One thing i found with running an online business is if you don’t make a list you tend to forget and procrastinate. This was a really helpful article and has offered me some great ideas and tips. Can’t wait to start implementing a priority list at the start of each day to be more efficient.

    Really did need to read this article.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Vinnie, you’re welcome…Certainly, you can’t go wrong creating a “priority list”, the list is bound to keep you focused on what’s most important. Glad you found the content useful and hope to see you back.

  6. Focus is everything. For the longest time I haven’t focused on my online business, my website, and the results couldn’t be there. Now that I actually started focusing on it, the results are much better and will only improve. I think prioritization and the list are the most important things to consider in improving focus, because I already know how important it is.

    1. Hi Aless, glad you stop by. Yes, prioritizing is a major step when it comes to focus. Thanks for sharing what worked for you. Congrats, you certainly made the right move. All the best on your journey.

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